International Program


The middle school program offers language courses in Spanish and English as a Second Language.


For students fluent in English, the middle school language program offers a Spanish course. The Spanish curriculum focused on basic grammar, conversational Spanish, and everyday vocabulary.


English as a Second Language


In addition to their classes throughout the school day, the international students participate in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. These classes are designed to help the girls improve their English vocabulary, reading skills, speaking skills, and reading comprehension.

Beyond that the students are expected to master the language through cultural immersion and daily communication. So successful is our program that in one year students receive the tools and opportunities to spell, read, write, and converse fluently by studying, playing, and travelling with American children.

International students at Everest Academy take the “TOEFL” (Test of English as a Foreign language), the language yardstick for acceptance of international students into American universities, as well as the Cambridge English tests. 

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