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An American school, Everest Academy is known for its high academic standards. It has both day students and boarding students from Michigan and throughout the world. Everest Academy offers a curriculum for preschool through eighth grade. Everest Collegiate High School located on the same campus enrolls students from ninth to twelfth grade.

Everest Academy offers distinct schools for girls and boys in grades 3rd – 12th grade. Different teaching styles and gender-relevant classroom activities result in greater academic achievement, higher self-esteem, broader interests, stronger role models, and greater maturity


Academic Standards

The students study in a demanding academic environment. The course of their studies takes place in an American school. This fact demands a certain level of proficiency in English as well as well-formed study skills in order to be successful in this academic setting. The curriculum used in the school is approved by the Michigan State Department of Education. Everest Academy is accredited through the MNSAA, Michigan Non-Public School Accrediting Association. As well, they receive additional consultation from National Consultants for Education (NCE), a private organization for educational consultation.

The teachers are specifically trained to help the international students integrate into the American school and be successful.


Study Hall

After the school day and clinics, the students have two hours of supervised study hall in the academy. These two hours provide the students sufficient time to complete their homework and study for their tests and exams. They are allowed to use the computer lab at the house during this time in order to complete any school work or research for which they may need to use the computer.

Academy staff works closely with the students by supervising their grades and homework assignments to make sure they are succeeding and staying up to date in their studies. Online resources are available for parents to remain informed about their child’s academic progress.


English Grammar

Everest international students and day students participate in English Grammar courses. This course offers student the opportunity to develop verbal and written communication skills. This is accomplished through phonics, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar classes using both textbooks and workbooks.

Composition writing is a regular part of the curriculum. To motivate students to excel, annual public speaking competitions, and spelling competitions are held. These opportunities aid students in mastering the English language.


History and Geography

History courses are presented to help students learn lessons from those who have gone before us, foster a sense of identity and place things in a proper context. The emphasis is placed upon factors and influences that produced change in civilizations and governments. In addition, students analyze current events for cause and effect relationships.

Sixth grade and seventh grade students study American history, its origins, development, and government. Eighth grade students study world geography.



Students examine literature from various genres by reading both literary novels and shorts texts and essays. The course focuses on developing comprehension skills at literary levels appropriate to the grade level. Though the expectations are challenging, the aim of the program is to develop a love for good literature, both prose and poetry, and the desire and ability to communicate effectively.



Everest Academy uses two programs of mathematics through the sixth to eighth grades to meet the needs of all our students.

The sixth and seventh grades use the Prentice Hall Math Course 2 and Math Course 3. In both books, mathematical topics are divided into four distinct standards: Algebra, Data Analysis, Problem Solving and Geometry and Measurement. These standards are integrated in the sixth grade, Course 2 book, with mini-lessons focusing on each of the standards as necessary to reinforce a key concept.

Math Course 3, used in the seventh grade, is a complete pre-algebra course.  An integrated standard approach is still used, but Algebraic connections are highlighted in every chapter of the series.

The 8th grade students use Glencoe’s Algebra I, Volume 1 in eighth grade. The program is designed to ensure success for students who normally struggle in math, but also encourages accelerated work for the mathematically proficient.



Science allows students to be more aware of the law of nature. It gives them a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. At Everest Academy science covers a wide-range of topics.

In Life Science, the students learn about activities of cells, plants, ocean life, and life changes. Physical Science covers elements and compounds, chemical and nuclear changes, light, sound, electrical energy, weather, climate, and the solar system. Earth Science deals with the scientific method, astronomy, geology, meteorology, and oceanography. The Science curriculum is designed in such a way as to motivate students to respect and appreciate God’s laws in nature and the environment.


Catholic Formation

Our religion program teaches the fundamentals of the Catholic Faith to form the conscience and develop a personal relationship with Christ for each and every student. Catholic Formation classes focus on Sacred Scripture and Church doctrine. This course is complemented with a Catechism contest, retreats, the daily Mass, frequent confessions, group dynamics and team work.



Art is given at both the practical and theoretical level. The use of hands and imagination as a means of expression is exercised by painting and sculpture. History of Art is offered to students in sixth through eighth grade in order to be in touch with humanistic classical values and develop esthetic talents.


Computer Science

The use of computers at Everest Academy has the double purpose of facilitating the work of students as well as a way to form, organize, and structure the mind. The first step is the knowledge and total control of the keyboard by taking a computer typing course. The computer lab is used by all teachers to instruct their class in different subjects. The use of the main program is taught once a week to all junior high classes.


Physical Education

This course is given once a week to teach the students how to properly exercise. Elementary knowledge of sports history and rules are part of the year program in Physical Education classes.

The physical Education program is designed around the competitions sports program with other schools. The students learn and practice the skills needed to play each sport in its due season. Lunch time tournaments reinforce the concepts learned in class and given greater opportunity to master skills.



A course is designed to introduce students to the basics of singing; they learn to distinguish rhythm and notes from other aspects of choral singing.

The students prepare concerts to be performed throughout the school year for public presentations with parents and friends.

The students have the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument and display what they have learned in various events put on within the school. They will increase their knowledge of the fine arts world by learning to read music and deepen their appreciation for it.

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