International Program


Oak International endeavors to ensure applicants have all necessary information regarding registration procedures. 

Compliance with admission requirements in a timely fashion will help secure a place at one of the academies.  Those who submit their application after the deadline will be subject to space availability when the admission forms arrive to the desired Academy. In the case of two simultaneous admission requests, preference will be given based on academic grades. 

Note:  Application does not imply admission of the candidate.  In fact, any application may be accepted or rejected by the Academy.  We urge you to take this into account so that the students are not left without the corresponding registration in their current school.  Parents should avoid clothing and equipment expenses, as well as airline ticket purchase, until the official Academy acceptance letter is received by families.

  • Complete online registration and application packet. All forms and supporting documentation must be received by the academy before the application is reviewed by the admissions committee.

  • Stand By: This is the initial status for an application which has been begun.
  • Proceeding: This is the status of the application from when the application documents have been received at the academy. Applications which are “proceeding” are either waiting for additional documents or for an admissions decision.
  • Written Examination and Skype Interview: Once the complete application has been received at the academy the applicant must also submit the written assessment and have a Skype interview with the academic coordinator. This interview will be scheduled by the school.
  • Admissions Decisions: Enrollment capacity is determined each year by the school based on the number of local day students enrolled in each class. Admissions decisions are dependent on these numbers. Applicants for whom there is not space in a given class are encouraged to choose another Oak International academy.
    • In the case that there are not enough spaces an applicant may choose to be placed on a waiting list.
    • Should an applicant choose to apply to another Oak International academy, Everest International Program will send the application to the chosen academy.
  • Booking Fee: After a student is accepted they should pay the booking fee before the welcome information is sent.
  • Welcome Packages: The welcome package with the I-20 visa form is sent in May.


Before your arrival in August:

[ ] Student Visa:

  1. Pay student visa fee online at: https://www.fmjfee.com/i901fee/index.jsp
  2. Schedule appointment for visa with the Embassy of the United States.

[ ] Return forms to the academy by June 15th - both forms are enclosed in this packet:

  1. Data Form
  2. Student Information Sheet

[ ] Purchase all necessary items and clearly mark them with the student’s laundry number. If you are unable to purchase any item, we will be sure to arrange for this during the first months at the academy.

[ ] Uniform Information Sheet: This sheet will be sent later in the summer and should be completed and returned to the academy.

[ ] Tuition Payments: Assure all tuition payments are made according to schedule. Contact your Oak International promoter for any information regarding tuition payments.

[ ] Personal Account Deposits: Make a deposit for the student’s personal account. (See information in this packet.) This can also be paid by cash or check at the academy in August. Please note credit card payments are not accepted for the personal account.


Bring the following items with you in August:

  • Student Passport
  • I-20 SEVIS Form
  • Original notarized Permission to Travel Internationally Letter (enclosed in this packet). Note: this letter must be notarized.
  • Student medication (if needed)
  • Personal account deposit (if paying by cash or check)
  • Welcome Binder (We will be providing you with more information during the orientation to insert in the binder for your reference throughout the year.)


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