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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations 

International Program



I/We, the undersigned parent(s) or guardian(s) and student agree to the following:

Everest International Program is an English language boarding program for international students in middle school and high school who wish to study in an American school and form themselves as Christian leaders. Following the Integral Formation educational method of the Legionaries of Christ, we offer our students opportunities to form the intellectual, human, spiritual, and apostolic dimensions of themselves.

Students are enrolled with local day students at Everest Collegiate High School and Academy, which offers a gender separate learning environment on a co-ed campus. We offer our students a demanding, college preparatory curriculum which prepares our students to reach their full potential as future leaders in a global society.

We provide personal attention and a family environment in our gender specific residential life on separate campus. The program’s small size, kind and constant supervision, and safe environment standards guarantee the
personal accompaniment of each student in their personal process of developing virtue, forming their character, and achieving increased independence and maturity. Everest International Program considers the teamwork and communication with each student’s parent as a necessary component of the formation offered by the program.

Formative Discipline
A disciplined environment is essential for the school to achieve its education and formation goals. Consistent with its emphasis on the integral formation of the student, the school’s approach to discipline is formative.

Formative discipline is not discipline based solely on justice which demands that certain consequences accompany a certain action. Rather, formative discipline seeks to positively motivate students, guiding them to identify and choose what is good and just. Formative discipline does not impose expectations and rules on the student, but motivates the student to understand, value, and internalize these expectations that reflect virtue, proper habits, and principles of life. Students are informed of the rules and given the rationale behind them. They are encouraged to see the benefit of these expectations for themselves and others. Formative discipline requires more time and effort than simple punitive discipline. Most importantly, it requires personal attention to the student. This means assisting the student to understand their actions and to learn how to put into practice what is right for themselves and others. It allows students to experience the good feeling of doing what is right and, therefore, making them want to choose to do the right thing consistently throughout their lives.

Formative discipline is only possible with the ongoing cooperation between parents and the school. Communication with the parents is timely and consistent. Positive results are achieved with the faculty, students, and parents working in unity towards the same goals--ultimately what is best for the student. Formative discipline requires dedication, consistent and continuous positive motivation, and commitment to the student. The formation director is responsible for maintaining overall formative discipline within the school.

Everest Academy has established norms of conduct that aim to help students form themselves and assist the school to maintain a safe, orderly, and formative atmosphere. Parents/legal guardian(s) who have concerns may raise them anonymously using the “Anonymous Grievance Report/Safe Environment Violation” report found online in the Safe Environment section of the Everest website. Concerns involving grievances pertaining to issues other than Safe Environment will be responded to according to the School’s Grievance Policy. Issues involving Safe Environment will be responded to according to the school’s Policy on Sexual Misconduct. Following is a list of serious misconduct. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive; however, it will serve as a guide for students’ conduct. The school will review violations in light of the individual and the common good of the entire school community.
Among others, the following infractions are considered examples of serious grounds for disciplinary action up to and including suspension or expulsion from Everest Academy.

Sexual Immorality
● Use, possession, or distribution of pornographic materials.
● Texting or sending pornographic photos via cell phone.
● Inappropriate displays of affection; sexual misconduct of any kind.
● All forms of harassment, including sexual harassment and false accusations of harassment.
● Telling sexualized jokes
● Inappropriate Verbal and Physical Interaction

The following is to ensure that the school maintains a safe, orderly, and secure environment for all students and staff. The listed behaviors are prohibited between students as well as students and staff.
● Discussing personal problems or issues of employees
● Making derogatory remarks about the employee or student or about their family
● Harsh language that may frighten, threaten, or humiliate students
● Profanity, vulgarity, or abusive verbal or body language, including name-calling, cursing, shaming, belittling, and derogatory remarks or jokes
● Public displays of affection including kissing, holding hands, prolonged hugs or other embraces, or massages
● Entering another’s personal space when changing or using the restroom
● Sitting in another’s lap or laying on the floor at any time
● Drugs/Alcohol/Weapons/Gambling
● Use, possession, or trafficking of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, firearms, knives, or other weapons on or off campus.
● Engaging in any form of gambling.
● Theft of any kind, from the school or from fellow students.


The school is committed to providing all students with a safe environment in which all members of the school community are treated with dignity and respect. The school will not tolerate any behavior that is classified under the definition of bullying and will take steps needed to eliminate such behavior. Similarly, sexual activities and abuse between two students is not tolerated. Bullying is aggressive behavior that is intentional, is repeated overtime, and involves an imbalance of power or strength. Anyone who sees an act of bullying, and who then encourages it, is engaging in bullying. This policy applies to all students, school employees, school volunteers, and school visitors.

● Name-calling, threats, intimidation, or any other conduct of communication that has the purpose of creating a hostile, offensive, or abusive atmosphere
● Cyber-bulling: including activities such as online posting on social networks; ie...Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or Google Plus that may be offensive to other students, school employees, volunteers, or parents
● Fighting, bullying, or causing bodily harm to another student or threatening another student or member of the staff.
● See Bullying and Cyber-Bullying Discipline Statement under Student Life
● Disrespect
● Disobedience or lack of respect toward administration, teachers, staff, or peers.
● Constant failure or refusal to comply with disciplinary measures or habitual criticism of school norms.
● Grave mistreatment of school property or destruction of such property, including intellectual property, books, furniture, lab equipment, audio-visual equipment, etc.
● Improper conduct outside school hours, especially when actions may cause scandal or damage to the school’s reputation.
● Throwing snowballs on campus at any time
● Dishonesty
● Copying another’s homework, assignments, tests, exams, or attempting to obtain copies of the exams and answer keys before they are administered (cheating).
● Falsification of school documents or permissions. Forgery of documents or a parent’s signature.
● Lying to faculty or school authorities Attendance
● Leaving campus or being absent from class during school hours without permission.
● Excessive tardiness without excuse or justification, either to school or to daily classes.
● Truancy, including extending holidays or weekends with unexcused absences

Any student involved in any illegal activity including placing the well-being and safety of the Everest community at risk will be reported to the police. Illegal activity includes, but is not limited to, the possession of weapons, drugs, alcohol, or any substance or article deemed to place the student or the community at risk. The school reserves the right to conduct random searches of anyone on school property at any time. This includes: a purse, tote bag, backpack, briefcase, lunchbox, book bag, or any other type of personal property; search any vehicle; or require students to empty their pockets. If a weapon is found, it will be immediately confiscated and the parents and appropriate authorities notified. The school reserves the right to search anyone, and by entering the school, the person agrees to submit to a search upon request. Students have limited rights to privacy while they are on school property.

All specific student rules can be found in the Parent Student Handbook. Violation of the rules will result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Parent Student Handbook which may include low conduct grades, disciplinary report, probationary periods (i.e. missed outings, loss of privileges, etc.), etc. up to or including suspension or expulsion. If a student is permanently expelled from the school, a member of the family must personally pick up the student within 48 hours of being notified of the expulsion. If a family member cannot pick up the student within that time frame, parents accept that the school will make travel arrangements for the student. In this case, the school will ensure proper assistance and supervision for the student, which may be provided by school personnel or third party service providers. Parents accept that any additional expenses incurred in relation to an expelled student’s travel arrangement will be charged to the student’s personal account.  

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